Terms & Conditions

Covid-19 Secure
In line with current government guideline we are opening for groups made up of players from a single household group/bubble or with one other household/bubble.

 We have taken appropriate steps to ensure the continued safety of our guests and employees. Key points to help you plan your visit are outlined below:

  • Pre-booked Games & Parties – We request that all game / party sessions are pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance by calling 07306 300966 or emailing us at reception@challengecentre.co.uk.
  • Reduced Capacity – Each group will have exclusive hire of venue. We will only have one group booking in the building at one time.
  • Enhanced Cleaning – Our laser packs are sanitized between each use. Continuous venue cleaning; with extra attention to toilet facilities, tables, handles, arcades machines etc.
  • Sanitization Stations and PPE– We require ALL customers to wear gloves and a mask throughout their visit.       We can supply washable gloves and masks to hire or buy. We have hand washing facilities in dedicated Laser-Run toilets and sanitising hand gel stations located throughout the venue.
  • Staff PPE  – Our team members will also be wearing face masks and gloves.
  • Social Distancing  – Information signs, floor markers


  • Full payment is required when booking.  One week prior to your party you need to let us know your food requirements and pay for any extra players.
  • A refund can be given if you cancel your party with four week’s notice.  After that, it is not refundable.
  • No refund can be given for guests who do not arrive on the day of the party.
  • We will do our best to cater for food allergies but please speak to a member of staff prior to the party to ascertain if we can help.

Management of Party

  • Laser-Run requires a minimum of two adults for each party. One of which will be required to assist in monitoring the children in the arena to ensure rules of play are complied with.
  • Please ensure all guest are collected promptly at the end of the party, as the party room has to be vacated on time.
  • Laser-Run will not be held responsible for any injuries to the participants or guests whilst on the premises or using the facilities therein either at the time of any such injury or any retrospective claim.
  • Laser-Run’s rules of play must be adhered to. Please see notices around Laser-Run and rules outlined in briefing.
  • We strongly recommend that participants are of a similar body mass. Larger/older people playing with smaller/younger people play differently and if there was to be an impact the smaller/younger will come off worse.
  • You and your party agree to treat all Laser-Run equipment with care and respect.
  • A first aid box is available but our staff can only assist they are not first aid trained.
  • In case of emergencies we advise that you obtain contact phone numbers for all your guests.
  • If you wish to bring a birthday cake please ensure you also bring utensils for cutting the cake and lighting the candles as these cannot be provided by Laser-Run.

Health & Safety Warnings

  • This attraction can be physically challenging. Some areas within the playing area require the ability to climb steep inclines or duck under low areas. As such there may be areas that are inaccessible to some people with physically limiting conditions including height, weight, existing injury, wheelchair use or pregnancy.
  • High blood pressure or circulatory conditions. Many players will exert energy and experience an increase in their heart rate and a rise in their blood pressure. Therefore, anybody with high blood pressure or circulatory conditions will need to be aware of this and take necessary precautions. Should a player choose to enter the Laser-Run laser tag attraction they do so at their own risk.
  • Heart monitors, pacemakers, other artificial organs. The Veqtor laser tag equipment used at Laser-Run contains electronic apparatus and as such no testing has been done to ascertain its effect on medically fitted life sustaining devices including but not limited to pacemakers, heart monitors or any other artificial organ. Therefore, management strongly advises against taking part in this attraction. Do not enter.
  • Epilepsy- The laser tag equipment used at Laser-Run may contain stroboscopic lighting effects and sudden sounds. People who suffer from epilepsy or other similar conditions are advised not to enter the attraction. Should a person with these issues choose to enter the Laser-Run attraction they do it at their own risk.
  • Hearing Aids – The Laser-Run Laser Tag attraction contains apparatus which conforms to European Directives, as such no specific testing has been done to ascertain its effect on the various makes of hearing aids. In addition, special and loud sound effects are in use that could cause general disorientation to hearing aid wearers, or the hearing aid to overload resulting in a reduced ability for the wearer to hear accurately. Hearing aid wearers may miss health and safety related announcements or alarms due to the sound effects. Should a person who uses a hearing aid choose to enter the Laser-Run Laser Tag attraction, they do so at their own risk.
  • Care must be taken in the Arena as there are areas where there are height restrictions.
  • Asthma- The laser tag equipment used at Laser-Run includes a smoke machine. This can be switched off on request.